In order to create a premium entrepreneur environment and shaping Taiwan into an entrepreneurship society, Small and Medium Enterprise and Startup Administration,Ministry of Economic Affairs held the "EntrepreneurshipBusiness Award" Selection, to encourage start-up team to indulge in the development of entrepreneurship with premium business models, establishing a paradigm and enhancing start-up methodology and revitalizing the economy.

Application Requirements

Established after June 1, 2016 (inclusive), based on the establishment date approved by the Administration of Commerce, Ministry of Economic Affairs (not the last approved change date), and meets the SME certification standards。
※The enterprise is a foreign company; all branches of the enterprise located in Taiwan may not participate
It must be a self-developed innovative product, technology, process or service (including technical service, knowledge service, business service), etc., and has been commercialized or mass-produced (used)。
Branches of foreign companies established in Taiwan are not allowed to participate in the election.
Revenue for the 2023 fiscal year may not be 0.If not in the aforementioned situation, Must provide verified relevant supporting documents regarding its main products and services, as well as the commercialization/mass production of the said products/services (Invoice, Business Contracts, Transaction Orders, etc.)


Technology Industry Group

Innovative Traditional Industry Group

Innovative Service Group

Participants can choose a group to register on their own. After the registration is completed, the group cannot be changed. Please refer to the application instructions for the industry classification of the three groups.

Number of Winners

In “Technology Industry Group,” Innovative Traditional Industry Group,” and “Innovative Service Group,” winning enterprises shall be elected based on the principle of 20 winning enterprises in total.


Prepare the winner’s collection and hold a public award ceremony to issue a trophy and a certificate.

Application for Participation

Application for Participation : From 10:00, 1 April to 17:00, 31 May 2024.
Deadline for Supplementary Documents: Before 12:00 noon on June 7, 2024.
Application Method: All applications and receipts online.

Assessment Indicators

Startup Background
  • Background of Team Member
  • Assignment of Responsibility
  • Entrepreneurial Experience and Outstanding Achievements
Strategic Model
  • Market Development and Development Plan
  • Competitor Analysis and Competitive Advantage
  • Medium- and Long-term Goals and Implementation Plans
  • Innovation, Uniqueness, and Core Competitiveness of Products or Services
Business Model
  • Key Resources, Activities and Partners
  • Existing Proven (Operational) Results (Profitability Assessment)
Financial governance
  • Financial Structure (Must include: revenue share, gross profit margin, net interest and description of operating results).
  • Financial Forecast for the Next Three Years (2024~2026)
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ((Extra Mark))
If the participating companies are in line with the national ESG policy direction of promoting sustainable industrial development or other key national policies, such as promoting gender mainstreaming, employment-friendly hiring of persons with physical and mental disabilities or senior citizens, use of electronic invoices, corporate ethics, hiring of additional employees, improving employee remuneration and benefits (including raising employee salaries), and promoting family-friendly workplace environment for work-life balance (including developing flexible work models), among others, they may submit their achievements and performance in the project proposal, with a maximum of 5 points to be granted.
A1:Outstanding enterprises. Therefore, the content of the plan shall focus on corporate operations, business strategies, and the future blueprints of enterprises instead of personnel experiences or processes of entrepreneurship.
A2:The Start-up Business Award elects enterprises with “innovation” and “future potentials,” any enterprise may have the opportunity to win due to its development potentials.
A3:Choose the most favorable group according to the major business or innovative features of the enterprise, or determine the group based on the primary scope of business.
A4:Must include at least one copy of each supporting documents such as invoices, business contracts, transaction orders of the main products/services, and merged into one file. Only a few scanned copies of invoices for proof are necessary; there’s no need to attach them all.
A5:The working team will perform an information review after the end of the application. Any entity with insufficient information would be notified to provide such information within a prescribed period, while failing to do so would be deemed as renunciation.
A6:The eligibility requirements are twofold: (1) a valid business registration for profit and (2) establishment within the past 8 years (after June 1, 2016). The establishment date can be checked on the Ministry of Economic Affairs\' website at
A7:Yes, please enclose the 405 statement from January to April for the current year or the internal account statement of the enterprise as the certificate of operating status.
A8:The business life cycle of small and medium-sized enterprises often interacts with government departments. Faced with various administrative regulations and government resources, an exclusive customized smart service platform is required to serve enterprises. SMEPASS (Small and Medium Enterprise Portal Accelerating Seamless Service) brings together cross-ministerial government services from the enterprise perspective, so that entrepreneurs do not get lost, and enter the platform to obtain exclusive and seamless government information and service guidelines for planning, entrepreneurship, and operation. This allows enterprises using this convenient and fast service to save time and effort.

▶ Learn about smepass :
A9:In the Business Startup Award application system, enterprise can use “smepass One-Click Retrieval” to obtain and automatically upload required documents online. It can simplify the process and complete it within 2 hours without leaving the office or waiting in queues for 7 days.

▶ Registration website:
▶ How to use “One-Click Retrieval” to apply for the Business Startup Award?
A10:Please log in as a member, click “Apply for Guidance” on the membership’s page, and enter the relevant information. A dedicated staf will contact you.
A11:You may click “Forgot Password” on the member’s log-in page, enter the e-mail of the representative or the contact personnel, and the system will automatically send the new password to the e-mail address. After logging in, change your password at “Change Member’s Information.”
A12:Upload the latest files directly to replace the old files and click to examine the file for confirmation.
A13:No change is allowed. You may temporarily save the registration before submission; however, it may not be changed once it is submitted. Please ensure there is no error before submission.

Provide services such as guidance from business professionals, knowledge creation and exchange, resources integration, and enterprise matching. Based on the demand where the market is yet satisfied and still has value, the guidance refines the corporate business models, gathers talents and technologies from different industries, and connects to all markets through the guiding resources. Application qualification: Qualified SMEs under the Standards for Identifying Small and Medium-sized Enterprises established since 1 January 2016 (inclusive).

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主辦單位: 經濟部中小及新創企業署
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