Why Taiwan ?

Geographical Location

Complete Infrastructure

Educated Workforce

Strong IT Cluster

Sound Legal Environment

         Taiwan sits at the center of the Asia Pacific region, with Japan and Korea to the North, China to the West, and Hong Kong, Singapore and other ASEAN countries to the South.

        It is easy to travel both domestically and internationally with our international airports and seaports, as well as amazing public transportation systems such as Taiwan Railways, High Speed Rail and Mass Rapid Transportation.

       Taiwan has a large and highly educated workforce pool, which is especially abundant with R&D talent.

       Taiwan’s high intensity IT industrial cluster plays a critical role supplying numerous global leading brands. Many internationally known IT products began right here in Taiwan. Taiwan is your best choice for high tech skilled labor and hardware.

       Taiwan maintains a rigorous legal and regulatory environment for intellectual property and foreign investment, providing excellent protection for entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and cutting edge technologies.

     All these advantages make Taiwan the best location to start your  business venture!!