In early October, you might have spotted an usual team of startups from Taiwan in downtown San Francisco.

The group of 45 travelled to the city to attend TechCrunch Disrupt, one of the leading tech conferences for startups around the world. They were led by ecosystem builders including Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS), Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA), Startup Terrace, and so on.

Side events highlighting connection between Taiwan and Silicon Valley

A day before the conference, TSS has co-organized “Asia Startup Ecosystem Night” in Galvanize with Startup Terrace, Taoyuan city government and overseas partners, Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and Thailand’s National Innovation Agency.

These ecosystem players, as startups at a pitch day, talked about the resources and connections they have to offer to help businesses expand to Asia with 100+ entrepreneurs from Taiwan, Silicon Valley and other parts of the world. 10X Innovation Lab was also invited to share their thoughts about the difference and strength of Asian and Silicon-Valley-based entrepreneurs.

Focusing on Asia’s startup scene, it has attracted a number of players in local innovation ecosystem, including VCs. TSS expects this event to boost the presence of Taiwanese tech startups in the US and expand the possibilities for further collaborations.

During the conference, TTA has held Taiwan Reception, an event where AI startups from Taiwan pitched their ideas and later participants discussed the role Taiwan and Asia play in this field.

Among them are VCs who have backed Silicon Valley-based Asian startups, from the US (E11 Capital and Mubadala Ventures), India (Brand Capital), Taiwan (Acorn Pacific Venture), and Singapore (Mitsui Sumitomo & Aioi Nissay Dowa Ventures). Bringing new perspective to the discussion, they presented the AI trends and opportunities they have observed in recent years. Ravi Belani, Founder of San Francisco-based accelerator Alchemist was invited to share his path to business success.

Who are these startups?

The 45 Taiwanese startups include:

  • Roby (AI-powered service bot for office management)
  • Rooit (AI-powered chatbot)
  • Nexera NexRetail (AI-powered platform for retail stores)
  • DT22 (IoT on edge devices)
  • Fox-Tech (IoT solution for agriculture and manufacturing industries)
  • ucfunnel (ad exchange platform)
  • WASAI Technology (big data acceleration platform)
  • TG3D Studio (digital platform for fashion)
  • Heroic Faith (automated chest sound monitor)
  • Medfluid (in vitro diagnostic system powered by microfluidics technology)
  • Instant NanoBiosensors (fiber optic particle plasmon resonance technology)
  • Spherical Motion (spherical motor)
  • Ubiik (low-power wide-area network technology)
  • SWR (mid-distance wireless power transfer solution)
  • Rovilus (thermal management system for electric vehicles)
  • XMight (electric vehicle charging solution)
  • 3drens (vehicle intelligence platform)
  • InnovArt (interactive internet-on-vehicle gadget)
  • Autopass (auto payment service for drivers)
  • Baypay (blockchain payment)
  • Dapp Pocket (blockchain wallet for Dapps)
  • HACKMD (collaborative note taking tool)
  • LUFTQI (personal air purifier)
  • Corner Ltd (decomposable straw made of seaweed)
  • Yo-Kai Express (autonomous restaurant solution)
  • ScienceVR (VR for education)

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