Free Design and Marketing in exchange for product exclusive distribution rights

Unipapa is a startup distributing platform focused on simplicity of design. We collaborate with Taiwanese brands and manufacturers, while offering industrial design and engineer development consultants in exchange for product exclusive distribution rights, and release quality goods that are beautifully designed. We listen to consumer demand and track market dynamics via customer feedbacks, market survey and big data analysis etc. in order to adjust product design aspects and marketing strategies.This way, we can make fine products that everyone desires.

Apart f rom product developing and marketing, Unipapa is aiming to expand our global market. We have been seeking overseas distributors and inviting designers from all over the world to join us. Through collaborative design and brain storming, the manufacturers are able to advance their production technology and quality, while the design teams focus on developing products and Unipapa commit ourselves to marketing and brand promotion.

We sincerely hope this model can bring benefit and prosperity for all of us.

Human-centere’d Unipapa design

Unipapa designs products according to our user’s needs and avoids redundant accessories. The design team is in charge of communicating with manufactures, sample making and quality testing; while the marketing team participates in the product development from the beginning, in order to understand the product’s advantage, positioning and pricing, which helps us integrate the resources and generate strategy for advertizing and marketing. The marketing team also provides customer feedback to the design team for researching and developing new products that in line with the demands of the market.

After releasing the new product, the sales team would manage the domestic and foreign sales for the manufacturers according to our global distributor operating rights and marketing strategies. We launch the product to its adequate distributors, monitor the sales status to make sure the security and integrity of the of the product remains intact in the marketplace.

With the growing number of our partner manufacturers, we are able to expand Unipapa Design customers and accumulate identification and support. We believe it would bring a virtuous cycle for the industry,encourage the manufacturers to develop new products and refine their manufacturing technology.

Design goes to daily life

Unipapa uses a bold and emerging model which brings more profit to the manufacturers and closer bonds between the manufacturing and design industry. Unipapa believes that design should focus on the purpose and function of the product itself instead of insubstantial pageant. Our work is guided by ‘Human Design’ – our marketing and design team collaborate closely to develop products that accord with the demands of the market. Furthermore, Unipapa is also working on developing ERP and financial cooperation system to solve the insufficiency of the current e-commerce system, promote the administration efficiency and simplify processes for communication between different liaisons.

Over the year Unipapa has grown from a new e-commerce platform of 0 membership to over 13,000 members and recently opened our first entity store. We have been working on online-offline channel integration, continually modifying and enhancing ourselves to bring change to the market environment, letting design become part of every customer’s daily life.

Original :2017 Business Startup Award