Three Taiwanese startups are on the shortlist for inclusion in a prestigious Amsterdam-based fintech and cybersecurity accelerator program organized by Startupbootcamp, a global network of startup accelerators covering a range of industries.

Blockchain technology company Chelpis, financial technology company Addweup and AI-powered healthcare company Aether AI made it to the final selection round.

This was announced at a networking event in Taipei, one of an international series organized by Startupbootcamp as its executives searched for the best early-stage companies for cultivating in the accelerator across the world.

The three selected Taiwanese companies will now compete with startups selected from other nations for a place in a three-month intensive accelerator program in Amsterdam that runs from the beginning of November to mid-February next year.

“Startupbootcamp has the ability to gather international innovation and resources for Taiwanese startup companies,” said Michael Dooijes, the program’s managing director, who introduced Startupbootcamp’s various accelerators to a group of Taiwanese entrepreneurs at the event.

Dooijes explained that the organizers of this year’s program in Amsterdam are looking for companies specialized in a number of areas that include blockchain, financial payment services, capital markets and asset management, along with mobile financial technology, cloud and data privacy and virtual reality.

The networking event known as “FastTrack” included two sessions. In the first session, hopeful Taiwanese startups gave presentations. In the second, startup founders held one-on-one meetings with potential mentors and corporate backers provided by Startupbootcamp.

Overall, ten Taiwanese startups invited to participate in the event by Startupbootcamp received advice and feedback in areas relating to product design, and business model design, along with suggestions for sales and marketing strategies from several Startupbootcamp corporate partners and mentors who came on the trip to Taiwan with Dooijes.

Chih Ming-yang of Chelpis said his company, founded last year, is currently building a blockchain-based decentralized exchange with a user-friendly interface that will allow users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins with no third party involved.

Unlike China, which has banned cryptocurrency exchanges, Taiwan’s stance is unclear. Companies such as Chelpis are preparing blockchain technology-based products and services in case Taiwan ever approves them.

Startupbootcamp Taiwan, the main organizer of Fast Track in Taipei, said Taiwan is a hub of innovation and the country’s geographic proximity to other countries in the Asia Pacific region is an advantage.

The organization said it hopes to build a thriving startup ecosystem in Taiwan.

“We’re looking forward to building and maintaining strong relationships with Asia through Taiwan,”Startupbootcamp Taiwan said.

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