“Research commercialisation refers to the process through which ideas or research are transformed into marketable products, capital gains, income from licenses and/or revenue from the sale of new product”, said Taiwan’s Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center, Director General, Dr. Yuh-Jzer Joung.

In a nutshell, research commercialisation enables technology produced out of research activities to be further developed into marketable products for public consumption.

During the Vision Program Taiwan Tech Startup Demo Day, we learned about exciting new products and disruptive technologies espoused from a series of research commercialisation efforts rendered both by the 10 participating startups and the STPI.

STPI or the Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center is designed to support the government’s technology policy-making and addressing social needs for globalisation and the coming era of knowledge economy. It functions as the main government think-tank for science and technology policy and the major platform for incorporating Taiwan’s research communities whose overarching mission is to bolster and embolden Taiwan’s digital economy.

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One of the crucial steps in achieving this goal is by enabling and empowering Taiwan startups through programs that allow them access to insights, capital, resources, and network, among other things.

This is why STPI is also keen on seeking business partners such as mentors, business consultants, and angel investors with the aim to build and promote the Taiwan startup ecosystem.

Participating startups and what they do

The following is the list of the 10 startups who wowed us at the Vision Program Taiwan Tech Startup Demo Day by showcasing their products:

1.) 3drens
3drens is a B2B & IoT solution provider, focusing on the Internet of Vehicles.

2.) Applato
Applato is a restaurant platform that provides personalised dietary recommendations and meal ordering for people with special health needs.

3.) Dapp Pocket
Dapp Pocket is a blockchain wallet app for decentralised apps

4.) F.Repair
F.Repair developed a formula for a Biomedical Repair Mask that heals serious skin damage as effect of medical radiation procedures.

5.) Magical Headlamp
Magical Headlamp developed an automatic headlight control system for vehicles to help improve visibility and safety on the road.

6.) MDS Health
MDS Health is actively building a relationship-centered digital health platform to empower physicians and dentists to jointly care for their patients with chronic medical conditions.

7.) Neurobit
Neurobit is an intelligent medical decision support system for early stroke detection and prediction.

8.) Sounds Great
Sounds Great developed a multi-diaphragm nano speaker that restores difficult ultra-high audio for better sound in phones, laptops, and other gadgets.

9.) Transfer Helper
Transfer Helper is an international remittance matching platform

10.) UC Funnel
UC Funnel is an omni-channel marketing automation platform.

The Vision Program Taiwan Tech Startup Demo Day is organised in partnership with the Science and Technology Policy Research and Information Center (STPI) of Taiwan. As a think tank of national policy, STPI has integrated its advantages of leading researches and partnerships with universities to support local startups with an ecosystem that welcomes enterprises, international startups, and investors as well.

With this initiative, STPI hopes to render a stronger pool of local startups with globalised mindsets, better understanding of varying markets, and cut-throat technologies that can scale globally—all as a part of a grander plan to ultimately boost the country’s digital economy.

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The article originally appeared on e27.