Originally from France, Raphael Seghier has lived in Taiwan for years and fell in love with this beautiful island. Later he found that Taiwan is also a great place for business, therefore deciding to make it the homebase for his startup Spino (www.spino.tech) 6 months ago.

Spino is a transparent screen that connects to a smartphone allowing the user to Draw n’ Share™ creations and play classic games. Their team has grown to 3 people, with two French founders and one Taiwanese intern.

“Taiwan is a great place to live”, says Saghiers. He says there are other places where it would be easier for them to build their prototype, Seghier and his partner choose to stay and grow their business in Taiwan. Thanks to Taiwan’s excellent geographical position, Spino is able to work with overseas manufacturers while based in Taipei.

When Seghier started his business in Taiwan, he learned about the Entrepreneur Visa from a friend. It took him around 2 months to get the visa with the help from local startup community members, such as FutureWard (www.futureward.com/), a coworking and meetup spaces especially for hardware makers, and French government/business offices in Taiwan.

Despite his excellent Chinese abilities, Seghier found the application process a bit chaotic. He wishes the government would make it easier for entrepreneurs to come in for face to face meetings, to better understand each applicant’s situation and innovation.

Seghier encourages other hardware entrepreneurs like himself to come and explore Taiwan’s great resources for hardware startups, as well as the cozy lifestyle for all residents.