Taiwan offers several visa options for international entrepreneurs.

If you want to come for a short period of time to learn about the business opportunities in Taiwan, nationals of 40+ countries are eligible for 30-90 days Visa-Exempt Entry.

Foreign nationals can own 100% of a Taiwanese corporation and you do not need to be a Taiwan resident to do so.

Taiwan residency of course have a lot of benefits and for this purpose Taiwan offers the Entrepreneur Visa.


What is it?

Qualified teams can get resident visas for up to 3 people for one year, extendable another two years.

Taiwan welcomes all international entrepreneurs to start your business in Taiwan – apply for the Entrepreneur Visa.

You and your team can enjoy being residents of Taiwan while you explore starting your company. Initially you don’t even need to set up a business while you are finding vendors, learning the market or developing your products.

The Entrepreneur Visa has unlimited entries, so you can take advantage of Taiwan’s geographic location at the heart of Asia.

When you do set up your business, as an Entrepreneur Visa holder, your company can apply for special privileges for hiring foreign employees.

As a Taiwan resident you have access to our world class health care system.


What Taiwan has to offer….


Listen to what foreign entrepreneurs and professionals think about the entrepreneur visa:

Michael Fahey: The easiest way to apply for Taiwan Entrepreneur Visa

Nick Budden: I’ve traveled around the world for 3 years and found Taiwan to be the best place for Vectr.

Vincent Guo: Reach out to professionals to deal with the hard part and focus on your business

Raphael Seghier: Taiwan is a great place to live and grow business

How to apply?

The great people at Contact Taiwan stands ready to answer your questions. Once you have decided to apply, you will submit your application to BOCA. They will verify your Entrepreneur Visa eligibility with MOEA and if you pass, BOCA will then issue your visa. After that you visit the immigration office where you live to pick up your ARC. Now you are ready to explore the fantastic business environment in Taiwan!

If you are from Hong Kong or Macau, there are special rules, click here.




  1. Your team has received domestic or foreign venture capital or funding via a qualified crowdfunding platform of at least NTD2 million (USD63,000). 
  2. Your team has been accepted to a recognized entrepreneurial park, incubator or accelerator in Taiwan. View the list here: http://www.moeaic.gov.tw/businessPub.view?lang=en&op_id_one=6
  3. Your team own Taiwanese or overseas patents. 
  4. Your team has won an international startup or design competition such as Red Dot, iF design.
  5. Your team members have collectively invested at least NT$1 million in your qualified innovative startup and one of your team members is the legal representative of that company.


Any questions?

If you have questions regarding eligibility, please contact Investment Commission, MOEA (http://www.moeaic.gov.tw/), at +886-2-3343-5700

If you are not from Hong Kong and Macau, for questions please contact BOCA (http://www.boca.gov.tw/), at +886-2-2343-2885 or +886-2-2343-2895.

If you are from Hong Kong and Macau, for questions please contact Immigration Agency (http://www.immigration.gov.tw/) at +886-2-2389-9983.