Taiwan offers several visa options for international entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur Visa initiatives have proven to be one of the most vital measures for attracting foreign talent to start businesses locally. Taiwan has launched the Entrepreneur Visa in order to attract foreign entrepreneurs to engage in Taiwan’s startup ecosystem. The relevant planning is as follows.


  • No need to set up a business beforehand.
  • Get residency for 1 year with unlimited entry.
  • Extend visa without leaving Taiwan(up to 2 years each time)
  • Get visas for up to 3 team members with one common application.

(meet at least one of the criterias )

  •  Received venture capital investment or international fundraising of more than NT$ 2 million.
  •  Received approval to reside at a recognized innovation park or incubator in Taiwan.
  •  Obtained patent rights or professional skills certificate.
  •  Has been awarded in a leading startup or design competition, or has been involved in a foreigner entrepreneurship project in Taiwan.
  •  Has been or is currently located in a startup accelerator recognized by the Taiwanese government.
  •  The enterprise or the person in charge of the enterprise has been nominated or awarded in a film festival.
  •  Received innovation subsidy of at least NT$ 3 million from the central government or at least NT$ 1 million from the local government.
  •  Possesses other innovation capability specified or recommended by the Taiwanese government.
  •  Has established enterprise with innovation capability in Taiwan and acts as its legal representative, manager or director with an investment of at least NT$ 1 million.

Examination Directions of Entrepreneur Visa Qualification for Foreign Nationals

How to apply?

The foreign applicants inside Taiwan may apply for the visa within 45 days before the duration of stay expires. The applicants may, without leaving Taiwan, apply for the visa from the Bureau of Consular Affairs or any of its Central, Southwestern, Southern, or Eastern Taiwan Offices. The applicants outside Taiwan are advised to apply for the visa from Taiwan overseas mission.

Hong Kong and Macao applicants inside Taiwan may submit their application to the National Immigration Agency. The applicants outside Taiwan are advised to submit their application to the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Hong Kong or Macao.

On average it takes 2-3 weeks for the application process if  applicants submit the application in Taiwan with complete documentation and evidence. It might take longer if applicants submit the application outside of Taiwan due to the correspondence required.

Requested Documents

1.Online Visa Application Form

2.Passport & Photocopy

3. 2 Color Passport-size Photos

4.Application Categories Form

5.Requested Documents

6.Letter of Intent (Optional)
(4~6=> https://www.moeaic.gov.tw/businessPub.view?lang=en&op_id_one=6 )


Listen to what foreign entrepreneurs and professionals think about the entrepreneur visa:

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