A Cabinet-level Strategic Review Board (SRB) meeting on smart system and chip development strategy will be held July 10-12 at the Taipei International Convention Center, with representatives from the industrial, government, academic and research communities formulating strategies to promote artificial intelligence (AI) for the next four years.

Because AI technology will drive the transformation of Taiwan’s industrial model and generate tremendous opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship, the meeting will focus on smart technology applications and development, smart system and chip technology, and a smart industry development environment. Through in-depth discussions, the attendees will explore how to apply smart technology to information security, green energy, commerce, unmanned vehicles, smart urban-rural development and communicable disease control.

Aiming to develop smart applications and solutions, meeting participants will map out an ecosystem for the smart technology innovations of the future including open laboratories, high-speed computing platform services, a smart systems integration service center, and smart technology research and development service enterprises. They will also assess smart system and chip technology to drive new forms of industrial development and open up domestic and overseas markets.

Former Microsoft and Intel employees, as well as experts currently employed by Google, Twitter, Salesforce and Zillow have been invited to Taipei to attend the meeting. They will join domestic industry, academic and research experts to discuss ways to attract international resources and talent, incentivize industrial investment, fortify industry value chains and spur smart technology innovation and entrepreneurship. Sociologists have also been invited to explore the repercussions of smart technologies on social ethics, and how society is responding.