Revitalizing 2017 Taipei Universiade Athlete’s Village as an International startup campus, Startup Terrace is designed to be a multifunctional campus, which includes offices, residences, co-working spaces, exhibition spaces and others. Buildings used in the project cover an area of 59382 square meters. The reconstruction will be started from September of 2018.

Startup Terrace is much more than an international startup campus, it features its regulatory preference, financial assistance and global network:

  • Regulatory Preference : Simplifying administration process and relaxing related regulations to support startups.
  • Financial Assistance: Offers subsidies/prizes and business matching opportunities for startups and accelerators in the program.
  • Global Network: Connects with International startup resources to get more opportunities

For more information, please refer to attached Startup Terrace Investment Proposal, or contact Startup Terrace Project Office: (02)2369-2358