Q1: How the Export Processing Zone Administration assists Taiwan entrepreneurs promote their products to worldwide?

A:Export Processing Zone Administration adopts individual guidance projects. We match enterprises’ needs with resources of the industry, official and university to support Taiwan enterprises to sell products overseas and to find new business opportunities.

Q2: How the programs of the Bureau of Foreign Trade assist Taiwan entrepreneurs promote their products to worldwide?

The programs of the Bureau of Foreign Trade are conducted by Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and other corporations. We also subsidize private associations and individual enterprises to plan projects for integrating government and private resources.

You can find the details of every assistance measure on our website (http://www.trade.gov.tw/).

Moreover, we also have online export diagnosis service (https://smeq.cdri.org.tw/) for better understanding the degree of readiness about products export. The enterprise that finishes the questionnaire can not only receive preliminary recommendations, but also obtain opportunities of experts’ field visits.

Q3:How the Taipei City Government to assist foreigner to proceed business activities in Taiwan?

For supporting foreign entrepreneurs to locate in Taipei, Taipei City government entrusted Enspyre to conduct the Foreign Entrepreneur Service Center (FESC). The FESC investigates the problems which foreign entrepreneurs could face when starting a business in Taiwan, and provides suggestions to solve these problems.

Taipei City government also established the “StartUP@Taipei” Office to provide all-in-one services. This office answers any relevant questions about starting a new business in Taipei, and provides the professional consulting services which meet entrepreneurs’ needs. Meanwhile, we also built up this platform, Taipei Entrepreneurial Resources website (www.startup.taipei), to provide startups with complete and various channels to find the resources they need. We hold at less one event to introduce resources for foreign startups every year.