The government will establish an “Asian Silicon Valley” in Taiwan by creating the best conditions and environment in which companies can thrive and form clusters, Premier Lin Chuan said today at the inauguration ceremony of the Taoyuan Enterprise Chamber.

Taoyuan City, with its outstanding growth potential in hardware and software engineering, will be the ideal technology hub for the Asian Silicon Valley plan, Premier Lin said.

Since taking office in May, the administration has been promoting the “five plus two” innovative industries—an Asian Silicon Valley, biomedicine, green energy technology, intelligent machinery and national defense, plus a new agricultural paradigm and a circular economy. The Asian Silicon Valley plan is among the most important as it focuses on gathering talent and relaxing regulations for innovative businesses. The initiative is also expected to expand Taiwan’s presence in the global economy, the premier said.

The founding of the Taoyuan Enterprise Chamber marks an important milestone. Through the chamber, consisting of nearly a hundred exceptional enterprises, companies can link with other sectors, create business opportunities, learn from one another, form partnerships and share experiences. The chamber will also serve as their platform for participating in public affairs and offering policy recommendations, which would be of significant help to the government, Lin said.

While the government is responsible for promoting the people’s well-being and improving society, businesses are a main driving force behind advancements in society, he continued. The government therefore must understand and meet the needs of businesses and create a healthy environment that will bring economic growth and prosperity to all.

In his closing, Premier Lin expressed good wishes for the success of the Taoyuan Enterprise Chamber, that it would foster a better business environment, draw more talent to Taoyuan, and turn the Asian Silicon Valley in Taoyuan into another bright spot in Taiwan’s industrial landscape.