Premier Lin Chuan said during today’s Cabinet meeting that the 2017 World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) is the globe’s most important information technology gathering, comparing the event to the Olympics of the technology world. That Taiwan will once again play host offers a chance to demonstrate the nation’s technological prowess, and the WCIT serves as the perfect forum for manufacturers to strengthen international links.

The 2017 WCIT will leave a lasting impression of Taiwan’s technology industry development on foreign media and tech world heavyweights, the premier anticipated. Thus all relevant agencies should actively participate and devote full efforts to showcasing the advancement of the nation’s tech industry and creating an outstanding international image for Taiwan, which will open new markets and attract future investment and cooperation opportunities.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) indicated that the World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA) is the largest tech industry organization in the world. WITSA regularly organizes the WCIT, where participants confer on innovative trends in the information and telecommunications industry (ICT), introduce advanced technologies, and in recent years increasingly engage in global ICT policy discussions. The 2017 WCIT will be the second time in 17 years that Taiwan has hosted the event, which will run from September 10 through September 13 at the Taipei International Convention Center.

More than 80 nations will take part in this year’s WCIT, with over 2,500 business people, officials, academics, researchers and experts from around the world attending, said the MOEA. In addition to sharing trends in the innovative use of ICT, attendees will also explore how to apply technology to solve problems such as aging populations, energy shortages, environmental pollution, societal well-being, and urban-rural development gaps. The WCIT agenda will be tightly linked to Taiwan’s “five plus two” innovative industries program, and the conference will showcase the capabilities of Taiwan’s industry, scholarship and research, as well as the fruits of the latest research and development.