OurCityLove Social Enterprise: Technology for Connection and Inclusion

Accessibility is an emerging issue in most of the Asian cities, especially facing the aging challenges. Since it takes time and money to make the city to be 100% accessible, giving the seniors, the disabled and their families and friends, the accurate, reliable and user-friendly accessibility information service is definitely a huge market.

Combining ICT innovation, young social entrepreneurs and people with disabilities (PWDs), the OurCityLove Social Enterprise, we devote ourselves in developing various smart applications and cloud services to provide the general public hands on city’saccessible information.

Founded in 2014, the OurCityLove Social Enterprise is now the leading smart city accessibility information service partner for 15 city governments, 4000+ companies in public service category and 77 NGOs in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. Many famous museums, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, transportation stations and government agencies adopt OurCityLove’s “Smart Station”, the IoT solution to bring ultimate satisfaction of their customers, visitors, and the differently-abled people by providing them personalized handy information for the access of requested facilities and services, help and emergency.

At the same time, station operators and vendors could also utilize OurCityLove’s intelligent multimedia messaging platform and big data analysis system to urge location-based promotion, customized thematic touring, and interactive marketing event, to understand the spatial traffic and to optimize the business performance of every store, exhibition, product, sales, and service.
From human connection to social inclusion, the OurCityLove Social Enterprise is at your service on the way heading a prosperous and inclusive economy!

Smart Assistive Technologies for the Elderly and Disabled Customers and for Business

In cooperation with our indicative customers such as Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan High Speed Rail, NanRenHu, HsingTungYang, Maxim’s and etc, OurCityLove now has our services in 15 cities of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. We are well experienced in the following fields:

● Consulting, designing, developing and implementing smart accessibility information applications with government and business
● Accessibility consulting and training services in both hardware and software for government and business
● Career training for people with disabilities and the elderly
● Big data analysis and service exchange with OTAs
● Annual friendly certificates and awards with social campaign

Heading an Inclusive Economy in Asian Pacific Ring and Aiming at the Silver Booms in Chinese Speaking Markets

Two facts in 2025 that we should not ignore and must take action now: (1) 70% of the global population will be living in the top 100 big cities; (2) 20% of city’s population will be over 65 and need accessibility services.
To create a friendly world with human centered communication technologies, OurCityLove Social Enterprise has successfully developed a series of smart accessibility information applications, from restaurant to public/private transportation, accommodation and tourism, by which a huge potential customer base for the future service industries is on the road.
One of OurCityLove’s latest service is the platform “Friendly Hotel”, which helps travelers with various needs easily search for and find accommodation to meet their specific needs. It includes in-depth information and pictures on hotel’s accessible guest rooms, services and facilities, with information such as the availability of shower chairs, baby bath tubs, and even the width of doors to ensure guests have the most enjoyable and relaxing. At the same time, it also helps hotels increase booking of their underutilized accessible guest rooms, which has been a big problem for hotel operators.
Heading an inclusive economy in Asian Pacific Ring and aiming at the silver boom in Chinese-speaking markets, the“Friendly Hotel” is just like the “friendly version” of Hotel/Booking/Agoda.com with great social meanings and market value. Please try our service and have fun: