Taiwan Government Award, Grant and Loan

          To encourage SMEs or startups to start and run their business, Taiwan Government, at both national and local levels, are providing various supporting awards, grants and loans as following:


An amount of money or prize given by the government or entrepreneurship-support organization.

  • Taiwan SME Innovation Award
  • Business Startup Award

A benefit given by the government in the form of a cash payment or tax reduction to help pay for an expense. Most government grants are matching grants which mean you are supposed to invest money alongside with the government.

  • Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)
  • Service Industry Innovation Research (SIIR)
  • National Development Fund Startup Angel Project
  • Taipei City Industry Incentive Subsidy Project

An amount of money that is borrowed from banks with the government’s gurantee.

  • SME Innovation Development Project Loan
  • Small Enterprise Loan

Taiwan SME Innovation Award

          The purpose of Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award(中小企業創新研究獎) is to politically create a climate promoting innovative R&D, so as to inspire the prosperity of SMEs. For the past 25 years, the award has been granted to almost 860 SMEs that exhibited excellent performances in innovation and research development. This year, thirty innovative subjects will be chosen for this honor and each winner will be awarded with NT$150,000 and a certificate of award.

Award amount: NT$ 150,000
For More Information
Website: https://www.moeasmea.gov.tw/np.asp?ctNode=451&mp=2
Facebook: 中小企業創新研究獎 Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award
Contact: 886-2-2366-0812 ext.308


Business Startup Award

          Business Startup Award(新創事業獎) aims at encouraging startups and enterprises to develop innovative product, technology, process or service and create premium business model. The enterprise should be established within less than 5 years and recognized by the competent authority

Total Award amount: NT$ 2,400,000
For More Information
Website: https://startupaward.sme.gov.tw/Home/Index/#award/
Facebook: 新創事業獎 Business Startup Award
Contact: 886-2-2366-0812 ext.170 / 327

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)

          The purpose of Small Business Innovation Research (經濟部小型企業創新研發計畫) grants are to “encourage Taiwanese SMEs to step up their development of innovative new technologies and new products”. Types of research encouraged by the program:

  •  Developing a brand new idea, concept or new technology.
  •  Applying an existing technology to a new application.
  •  Applying a new technology or business model to an existing application.
  •  Improving an existing technology or product.

         SBIR has three phases, described officially as:

 I: Pilot Study/Preliminary Planning (Phase 1)

          NT $1,000,000 total governmental subsidy for 6 months. A small-scale experiment or statistical analysis of the creative concept that can potentially benefit industries so as to validate that concept as being viable. Applicants must describe the key problems addressed, the creative concept they intend to use, anticipated benefits to industries, as well as relative R&D track records and implementation plans.


II: R&D/Detailed Planning (Phase 2)

           NT $10,000,000 total governmental subsidy for 2 years. R&D of a product, production method or service mechanism based on a tangible and feasible creative concept expected to benefit industries. The R&D of a production method can extend to the trial production or ramp-up stage. Applicants must describe the key problems addressed, the creative concept they intend to use, anticipated benefits to industries, as well as relative R&D track records and implementation plans.


 II+: Value-Added Applications (Phase 2+)

          NT $5,000,000 total governmental subsidy for 1 year. This involves the implementation and wide application of R&D results in Phase II so as to meet market and customer demand. The focus of R&D extends from the emphasis on the design of technical innovations to the production of the technical application. They may include engineering techniques, moulding development techniques, product design, trial production and ramp-up techniques, or primary market surveys. Applicants must describe the application of the developed technique, feasible implementation, commercialization target and expected benefits.


For More Information
Website: http://www.sbir.org.tw/introsbiren
Contact: 0800-888-968

Service Industry Innovation Research (SIIR)

          Service Industry Innovation Research (服務業創新研發計畫) – Research grant for companies legally registered in Taiwan, not including branch offices, with positive equity in the retail, logistics, restaurants, advertising, e-commerce industries.

Grant amount: Up to NT$ 10 million.
For More Information
Website: http://gcis.nat.gov.tw/neo-s/Web/default.aspx
Contact: 886-2-2701-1769 ext.231~241


National Development Fund Startup Angel Project

          National Development Fund Startup Angel Project (行政院國家發展基金 創業天使投資方案) is to support entrepreneurs with innovative capacities and global potential could grow rapidly.

Investment amount: Up to NT$20 million.
For More information
Contact: 886-2-2546-5336


Taipei City Industry Incentive Subsidy Project

       Taipei City Industry Incentive Subsidy Project臺北市產業發展獎勵補助計畫 has been launched by Taipei City Government. In order to encourage technology development, Taipei City is the first city government that provides R&D, brands establishment incubation, new startups, and competitive industries to develop key industries.
Companies registered in Taipei or SMEs are eligible to apply.

Subsidy Amount: Up to NT$ 5 million
For More Information 
Website: https://www.industry-incentive.taipei/page-about-en.aspx
Contact: Callers inside Taipei City 1999 (Outside of Taipei City 886-2-27208889) ext.1429、1428


SME Innovation Development Project Loan

          SME Innovation Development Project Loan (中小企業創新發展專案貸款) – For legally registered companies in Taiwan, if they fit in any of these requirements they are eligible to apply for this loan:

  • The responsible person of the company is aged between 20-45 years old.
  • Company has won an innovation prize from the government.
  • Company has received subsidies for research purposes from the government.
  • Company has cooperated with overseas companies, governments or academic institutions or has been commissioned by overseas, or has provide development services for research purpose.
  • Company has won enhanced investment SMEs project from the government.
  • Company has research or production center in a national science park.
  • Company has registered at the Taipei exchange center.
  • Company has registered as social innovation enterprise or received B Lab certification by B Lab.

Loan amount: Up to NT$ 80 million for capital expense and up to NT$20 million for revolving fund
For More Information
Website: https://www.moeasmea.gov.tw/ct.asp?xItem=11788&ctNode=609&mp=1
Contact: 0800-056-476


Small Enterprise Loan

          Small Enterprise Loan (企業小頭家貸款) – This loan is targeting legally registered companies with less than 10 employees and is provided from private banks.

Loan amount: Up to NT$5 million for capital expense and up to 80% of the project for revolving fund.
For More Information 
Website: https://www.moeasmea.gov.tw/ct.asp?xItem=10590&ctNode=609&mp=1
Contact: 0800-056-476


Young Entrepreneur Financing Loan

          Young entrepreneurs aged between 20 and 45 who are eligible for the Young Entrepreneur Financing Loans(青年創業及啟動金貸款) can apply for the loans at preferential interest rates when they are getting their new businesses off the ground, and benefit from the provision of direct credit guarantees to the 80%-95% range by the SME Credit Guarantee Fund with the maximum loan amount at NT$18 million. The loan is limited to reserve required by the business, registration fees, working capital, and capital expenditures.

Loan amount: Up to NT$ 18,000,000
For More Information
Website: https://www.moeasmea.gov.tw/ct.asp?xItem=11715&ctNode=609&mp=1
Contact: 0800-056-476