The launch ceremony of Startup Terrace, an iconic international entrepreneurs’ village in Asia, will take place on October 17th (Thursday). With its connections with communities, industries and the global market, Startup Terrace has attracted at least 132 domestic and foreign accelerators and startups to move into it. The coming launch ceremony will showcase startups’ new and smart technologies and will present the fruits of startup operations in Startup Terrace, in which infinite creativity is shown for a futuristic city for startups.

Linking up with communities, industries and global markets, and giving startups strong, deep roots in Taiwan.
Startup Terrace is the largest-scale startup village in Taiwan, and includes one joint innovation center as well as 15 international accelerators, making it the startup complex with the largest number of international accelerators in Taiwan. Its resident members also include 99 startup businesses from 10 countries. This entrepreneurs’ village offers both quality customized services in an entrepreneurial environment and the support needed for the process of setting up a startup, which allows startup teams to forge ahead towards their dreams without worries. Besides, through accelerated growth and the cooperation achieved via domestic and international links, the value of startups is enhanced and their dreams are given the best chance to soar.

Moreover, Startup Terrace also opens up an opportunity for resident businesses to conduct empirical experiments which link up and cooperate with industries in the surrounding areas within a 2-km radius. With the introduction of international accelerators which assist startups in expanding their global markets, members can connect with the global startup ecosystem. It is hoped that by virtue of linking up with three major players—communities, industries and global markets—the ideas and motivation of resident teams can be inspired and thus Taiwan can be connected to the global market, making it an important base for exchanges and collaboration between international startups.

Linking up with the concerted effort of guests, and lighting up the village’s launch with innovative applications
The theme for the coming launch event is ‘Link’, which sounds like ‘Linkou’ — the name of the town where Startup Terrace is located. As indicated by the word ‘Link’, it is Startup Terrace’s determination to link up communities, industries and the global market. Additionally, in order to highlight the transformation of traditional industries and initiation of product applications realized by innovation and creativity, the launch ceremony will start with a performance by the Chio-Tian Folk Drums & Art Troupe. Moreover, in response to the theme of the launch event, ‘Link’, the energy of participating guests, startup businesses and community residents will be connected and linked up to ‘Light up Linkuo and Link up Taiwan with the World’.

With the establishment of a comprehensive startup ecosystem and the gathering of global startup energy, Startup Terrace will successfully ‘Link Taiwan and Connect with the World’ by linking up with domestic and foreign accelerators, startup businesses and local industries, and furthermore facilitate the creation of a comprehensive local startup ecosystem and the construction of a microscale smart city in Linkuo. It is our sincere hope that all guests, startup businesses and local communities can be connected together to witness this milestone of Startup Terrace through this launch ceremony. Startup Terrace will also continue its commitment in linking up communities and industries with the global market to make it an iconic international startup village in Asia as well as a ‘dream land’ for innovation and creativity.

〔Original :Ministry of Economic Affairs〕