Restore High Acuity Vision to the Retinal Blindness

Iridium Medical Technology Company (IMTC) is an innovative neuron-electronic
interface company, and the first to develop High Acuity Spherical Bionic Retina, a class III medical device. IMTC develops a proprietary contact lens-shaped retinal prosthesis to remedy retinal blindness caused by Retinitis Pigmentosa

(RP, 2 million patients) and Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD, 25 million patients). IMTC, by using its 4,000-pixel devices, and patented innovation technology, enables patients to recognize faces and objects, read big-print books (font size > 14 pt.), and navigate easily through life.

The World’s First – High Acuity Spherical Bionic Retina

Iridium has grasped the key and patented technologies to effectively interface between electrodes to neurons, including the followings:
1.Microelectrode Technology with high efficiency
2.Electronic Passivation Technology that is biocompatible and implantable
3.Non-planar Electronics and Flexible Technology that can interface with cell’s soft tissue
4.Biomimetics Technology With the above technologies, we have significant competitive advantages to develop future products in the bioelectronics field to capture the emerging global neurostimulation devices market.

Be the World Leader of Neuro- Stimulation Devices

IMTC’s vision is to become the competitive leader in the Neuron Electronics Interface medical devices field by showcasing Taiwan’s R&D capability. First demonstrated in the high acuity retinal prosthesis to enable the  retinal blindness to regain their visual ability to enjoy daily activities independently.