Business Entities

          There are 3 types of business entities that foreigners can own entirely in Taiwan, for example:


TYPE 1. Company or corporation, Company Limited by Shares or Limited Liability Company

          Most International entrepreneurs or companies entering the Taiwan market will set up a Limited Liability Company. If you paid in capital will be great or if you are taking in outside investors, you might choose Company Limited by Shares.


TYPE 2. Branch office 

          Branch offices are also profit-seeking. Entities registered as companies under foreign laws should first apply for recognition as a foreign company and the establishment of the branch office with the Central Region Office, MOEA


TYPE 3. Representative office

          When foreign companies are unwilling to establish a company or branch in Taiwan and are interested in appointing someone to represent the company in a legal capacity, the company may report the said representative to the Central Region Office, MOEA.


General Business Registration Process

STEP 1. Check the Company/ Business Enterprise Name

          Apply for reservation of company name and business scope (Enterprise: Central Region Office, MOEA / Business firms: Local city or county government). Click Here for online application


STEP 2. Permission for Investment

          Apply for Foreign Investment Approval (Please prepare the following documents to the MOEAIC: Investment Permission with Application Form A, Investor Certification, Power of Attorney etc.).

MOEAIC Contact Information :
Address : 8F, No. 7, Sec. 1, Jhongjheng District, Roosevelt Rd., Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 
Tel : 886-2-3343-5700


STEP 3. Approval of Investment Amount

          Capital verification and Approval(Please prepare the following documents to the MOEAIC: Capital Approval with Advice of Inward Remittance, Foreign Exchange Memo, A Photocopy of the Company Deposit Passbook etc.).

MOEAIC Contact Information :
Address : 8F, No. 7, Sec. 1, Jhongjheng District, Roosevelt Rd., Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel : 886-2-3343-5700


STEP 4.Company/ Business Enterprise Registration

1. Company registration

         (1) Paid-in capital of at least NT500 million: The Department of Commerce, MOEA,
         (2) Paid-in capital of under NT500 million: Central Region Office, MOEA or Taipei City Government or Kaohsiung City Government or New Taipei City Government or Taichung City Government or Tainan City Government or Taoyuan City Government).

2. Business Enterprise registration

          An investor setting up a business enterprise must apply for registration with the local county or city government. Parties applying for business registration should apply with their local country or city government office.

Click Here for online application


STEP 5. Apply for Related Registration

          Regarding Taxation Registration、Export/Import Business Registration, Factory Registration, and Application for Businesses Requiring Special Permission, please refers to Invest Taiwan Website.