Overview of business entities and registration procedures in Taiwan

There are several types of business entities that foreigners can own entirely in Taiwan, for example:

  • Company or corporation, Company Limited by Shares 股份有限公司 or Limited Liability Company 有限公司 
  • Branch office 分公司 
  • Representative office 辦事處 


Most International entrepreneurs or companies entering the Taiwan market will set up a Limited Liability Company. If your paid in capital will be great or if you are taking in outside investors, you might choose Company Limited by Shares.

Branch offices are also profit-seeking. Entities registered as companies under foreign laws should first apply for recognition as a foreign company and the establishment of the branch office with the Central Region Office, MOEA.

Representative Offices: When foreign companies are unwilling to establish a company or branch in Taiwan and are interested in appointing someone to represent the company in a legal capacity, the company may report the said representative to the Central Region Office, MOEA.


Here we list the general and specific steps for the above 3 types of companies:

General Business Registration Process

  1. Preparing Documents, Notarising And Certifying (Domestic and Foreign document)
  2. Your Business Address
  3. Pick Your Business Items
  4. Decide And Reserve Your Company Name
  5. Prepare The Company Seal
  6. Open The First Company Bank Account, Remit Capital
  7. Picking A Responsible Person
A. Representative Office Registration Procedures
  1. Set Up A Company Outside Of Taiwan And Prepare Necessary Documents
  2. Apply To The Department Of Commerce, MOEA, To Register Your Representative Office.
  3. Register For A Tax Number
  4. Apply For Health And Labor Insurance
B. Branch Office Registration Procedures
  1. Preparing Foreign Documents
  2. Apply For Your Branch Name
  3. If Applicable, Apply For Special Permissions
  4. Recognition Of The Foreign Head Office
  5. Open Bank Account, Then Remit Money
  6. If Applicable, Time To Get The Special Permissions You Applied For In Step 2.
  7. Show The MOEA The Remittance Papers As Proof That You Have Sent The Money And They Will Issue You A Tax Number.
  8. Application To The City Government To Register The Branch Office As A Tax-paying Unit.
  9. If Applicable, Apply To Bureau Of Foreign Trade, MOEA, For Importer/Exporter English Name Reservation
  10. If Applicable, Apply To Bureau Of Foreign Trade, MOEA, For Importer/Exporter Registration
  11. Apply For Health and Labor Insurance
C. Company Registration Procedures
  1. Decide Company Key People
  2. Reserve Your Company Name
  3. Application To Investment Commission Of The MOEA For Approval Of Foreign Investors.
  4. Open Bank Account As A Preparatory Office, Then Remit Money
  5. CPA Certifies Your Invested Capital Is “Enough”
  6. Application To Investment Commission Of MOEA To Examine And Certify Foreign Equity Investment
  7. Register The Company
  8. Go To Tax Office And Register As A Tax-Paying Entity
  9. If Applicable, Apply For Import or Export License.
  10. Change Name On Bank Account
  11. Apply For Health And Labor Insurance