iDea Mobile Tech (iMT) is considered as one of leading smart device diagnostics software licensor.

Started from “Phone Doctor Plus”, a utility app that checks the hardware of iPhone, Phone Doctor Plus has accumulated over 3 million downloads worldwide. It also won the 1st place in utilities App Store ranking in 57 countries, and overall No.1 in App Store in 17 countries.
Phone Doctor Plus has over 3 million downloads, and won the 1st place of utility App
in 57 countries, overall No.1 in 17 countries.
Besides, Phone Doctor Plus won the best-seller App in Taiwan and South Korea in 2015. The Android version was also recommended by the official Twitter of Google Play in South Korea and Hong Kong.

Then, the diagnostics of Phone Doctor Plus had become a standard of trading smartphones between end users.

The diagnostics technology of Phone Doctor Plus brought business clients to iMT, and the clients had acknowledged that it fits the requirement of used-phone industry. Regarding of the up-rising used-phone market, iMT launched “iMT Solutions” for the used-phone supply chain. iMT Solutions has been introduced into used-phone factories of Foxconn in China, Bak2 in Europe.

iMT solution improved the diagnostic technology and became more professional for business usage.

Developed on the base of Phone Doctor Plus diagnostics and users experience, iMT solution improved the diagnostic technology and became more professional for business usage. iMT-Diagnostics enables the operator to do at least 4 devices in 3 minutes at the same time, check 57 hardware items, and provide over 50 items of device information.

iMT Solution includes:

  • iMT-Preparation(Mac/Win):

Quick activation and software installation

  • iMT-Tag: Inventory management and print label
  • iMT-Diagnostics: Diagnostics software
  • iMT-Erasure: Data wiping
  • Anti-Fraud: Avoid hardware cheating
  • UTS: Used-phone online/Offline recycle system

When talking about used phone, iMT will be your best choice.

Foreseeing the development of used-phone industry, iMT have put efforts on it.

Recently, the users will download Phone Doctor Plus when buying a new smartphone to check the hardware.

In the future, the users can check the status of their phone to get appraisal of it, and post the phone on Sogigo(used phone trading platform which is under development now) for selling. Then the recycler can buy back the used phone from Sogigo, and use iMT Solution for the recycling process. Finally, the recycler can post it on Sogigo again to sell it out.

iMT will become the most well-known brand for used phone industry, and provide the services that the supply chain requires.