Taiwan has a vibrant and growing startup scene. In 2015, Taiwanese companies received a total of USD440 Million in venture capital, however it is still hard for entrepreneurs to raise the seed money they need to get started.

It is even harder if you are a foreign entrepreneur with fewer family around and basically no chance to borrow from the bank.

Dragons’ Chamber will work to bridge the fundraising gap for entrepreneurs who need to raise up to NTD5 million.

The initiative takers to this event are experienced foreign entrepreneurs who has lived in Taiwan for many years and who understand the challenges of fundraising. For years we have watched the TV show Dragon’s Den offer a platform for entrepreneurs and investors to meet and now we want to do something similar in Taiwan.

Foreign Entrepreneurs in Taiwan contribute a lot to the Taiwanese economy and society. A survey performed by Enspyre on behalf of Taipei Department of Economic Development indicates that companies founded by foreigners have on average twice as many employees and are three times as likely to do international business as the average Taiwanese Small Medium Enterprise (SME).

more information: http://www.accupass.com/go/dragonschambertaiwan