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The European Chamber of Commerce (ECCT) and the American Chamber Commerce Taipei (AmCham) are the two leading foreign business organizations for communication with the Taiwan government.
European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan(ECCT)
The American Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan (AmCham)
Some of the other well known chambers are:
American Chamber of Commerce in Taichung
American Chamber of Commerce in Kaohsiung
British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei
Australian and New Zealand Chamber of Commerce
Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association
Canadian Chamber of Commerce Taiwan
Swedish Chamber of Commerce Taiwan

Entrepreneur-Only Meeting

Founder Squad
It takes one to know one: the people who understand entrepreneurs the most are entrepreneurs. Founder Squad is a network 100% composed and organized by active entrepreneurs selected for their commitment to help each other. Every month, they hold structured, members-only meetings where they address their most challenging business situations together.


There are several websites, online communities and Facebook groups where you can get more information about entrepreneurship in Taiwan and meet like-minded people.
Forumosa is the oldest online community for foreigners in Taiwan.
Start a Business in Taiwan is a website and International entrepreneur community organized by Elias Ek, the author of the book How to Start a Business in Taiwan and his company Enspyre. Since 2005 they periodically organize events for entrepreneurs.
STARTBOARD is a platform for entrepreneurs from ASEAN countries and India who are passionate about building sustainable solutions in Taiwan, and Taiwanese entrepreneurial teams who intend to pursue the ASEAN-Indian market. We are a one-stop solution for resources and mentoring, along with efficient interaction and collaboration.
Another important part of the foreign community is the Foreign Community Center. They concentrate on the well-being of people and families and provide a lot of fantastic services like counselling and coaching.The Red Room is an English-language non-profit community for positive and creative people like performers and entrepreneurs.
If you are living in Kaohsiung you might want to join this Facebook groups of entrepreneurs, many of them International.


The Red Room
Red Room is organized by a fantastic team of volunteers that attract a crowd of 100-150 to listen to and appreciate anyone with something to share. Attend, listen, participate and charge up your creative powers!