The “Asian Silicon Valley” is crucial to Taiwan’s industrial structure for the next generation of economic development, Premier Lin Chuan stated today while inspecting the designated site for the project.

The premier also pointed out that the project is a major part of the administration’s five major innovative industries as well as President Tsai Ing-wen’s election platform.

Attracting elite international talents is key to the development of the Asian Silicon Valley, reiterated Lin, who has instructed the National Development Council (NDC) to formulate plans to attract such talents, take inventory of the difficulties and obstacles faced by foreign nationals working in Taiwan, and improve relevant work environments so that Taoyuan City can realize this goal.

Industry 4.0 is the development orientation for Taiwan’s industries, the premier noted. The administration has selected the Asian Silicon Valley project as Industry 4.0’s ignition in the hope that the world’s most advanced ideas and applications can converge in Taiwan. This would be highly significant for industrial growth and is the chief reason for the administration to promote the Asian Silicon Valley project, Lin said.

Taipei and Hsinchu are the “left and right hands” of Taoyuan City, Lin further pointed out: Taipei is an international metropolis rich in culture and thronged with talents, while Hsinchu, a “city of science and technology,” is a major base for Taiwan’s information and communications technology industries and is linked to many fundamental industries of Industry 4.0. Hence the administration has selected Taoyuan City as the base for carrying out the Asian Silicon Valley project, which will serve as an engine to boost northern Taiwan’s economy.

Moreover, Taoyuan City has a sound industrial base and vast hinterland; it is the location of Taiwan’s foremost international airport and the site for the Taoyuan Aerotropolis Project. Most important, many young people are willing to work in Taoyuan City. These favorable conditions have made Taoyuan the most suitable place for promoting the Asian Silicon Valley project, Lin emphasized.

Lin expressed expectations that the Asian Silicon Valley project will become the starting point for changing Taiwan’s future industrial development so that Taoyuan will be transformed into a modern society and a locomotive engine for the island’s economic growth.

The NDC stated that the project will be implemented via four major aspects:

  • Environmentally, measures regarding talent recruitment, funding, laws and regulations, and cross-field collaboration will help create a comprehensive innovation ecosystem.
  • In applications, Taoyuan will serve as a center for experimentation, and research and development for the promotion of smart cities and application of smart services.
  • Globally, the administration will expand overseas efforts to attract investment while integrating the nation’s networks abroad, linking up with international resources and strengthening international marketing.
  • In infrastructure, the administration will turn Taoyuan into a base for innovation exchanges and forge links with nationwide innovation resources while attracting global enterprises and outstanding talents.