Enjoy the exhibition from home! Future Interaction Technology Exhibition makes your dream comes true!

2021-11-22 |
Enjoy the exhibition from home! Future Interaction Technology Exhibition makes your dream comes true!

「SurrealM Remote Learning Platform」by Surreal (Source:Future Interaction Technology Exhibition)

‘ZA Share Creative Conference and Festivals – Future Interaction Technology Exhibition’ organized by ZA SHARE and Taiwan Association for Virtual and Augmented Reality (TAVAR), implemented by XR EXPRESS Taiwan, gather all kinds of social innovation, creativity, culture and art, through exhibition, communication and thinking, let the public explore their passion and mission, and create a new and innovative experience of learning together. This year, in response to the epidemic, it is impossible to organize physical exhibitions. By moving the physical exhibitions online, the public can visit the exhibition anytime, anywhere and online regardless of geographical or time constraints.

Future Interaction Technology Exhibition summarizes the major advantages, including the integration of virtual and reality, allowing visitors to view the exhibition at any time regardless of the distance and time difference between home and abroad. The exhibition is diversified, in addition to the general graphic display, you can also watch videos, VR merchandises; business solvation, allowing visitors to communicate directly with the curatorial team online, AR viewing and business card exchange.

「AR PLAZA」by AR PLAZA(Source:Future Interaction Technology Exhibition)

In the Future Interaction Technology Exhibition, 10 well-known XR interactive technology and education industry teams from Taiwan were gathered to exhibit together. Including Surreal, which dedicated to educational innovation; AR PLAZA, which creates an immersive and interactive platform; VAR LIVE, the first to create the ultimate in-depth and exciting entertainment experience; The Barking Dog Entertainment, which specializes in brand marketing and professional development through AR/VR and image recognition technol