Metaverse Creates a New Environment for Development and Application

2021-11-22 |
Metaverse Creates a New Environment for Development and Application

Recently, the metaverse issue has been feverishly developed, and all the international representative companies, including Facebook, AMD, NVIDIA, Microsoft, HTC and so on, have made great efforts to promote and endorse it. Various concept stocks around the world have taken advantage of this boom to rise spectacularly, and various innovative services and applications have emerged. But in fact, the related industries of metaverse issues have already quietly entered our lives. From the popularization of 5G technology, big data analysis, artificial intelligence applications, XR, blockchain, IP content, health care, intelligent life and many other industries, all of them cannot be separated from the framework of metaverse. Through the highspeed networks and related applications, metaverse has gradually changed your and my life.

In this regard, the online forum "Future Interaction Technology Forum - Explore the Metaverse to Connect a New Life in the Future " advised by The National Development Council (NDC), organized by ZA SHARE and Taiwan Association for Virtual and Augmented Reality (TAVAR), implemented by XR EXPRESS Taiwan, was officially launched on November 19 at Huashan 1914 Creative Park in Taipei, invited famous speakers from home and abroad to join this grand event. The topics are related to metaverse application fields, including education technology, art media, entertainment experience, investment thinking, NFT applications and the development of blockchain and so on. Let everyone understand metaverse from different perspectives and grasp the latest trend developments and applications at home and abroad. Hope to help Taiwan's XR team, which wants to develop metaverse in the future and connect with the international community.

Andy Peng, CEO of SURREAL Co., Ltd. and also president of TAVAR, first right, Hsin-Chien Huang, VR Gold Award Director and Distinguished Professor of National Taiwan Normal University, Department of Design, second right, Cori Shieh, general manager of Digi Space Co., Ltd., third right

The theme of the morning session was "The Development and Application of Metaverse". We invited Andy Peng, CEO of SURREAL Co., Ltd. and also president of TAVAR, Hsin-Chien Huang, VR Gold Award Director and distinguished professor of National Taiwan Normal University, Department of Design, Cori Shieh, general manager of Digi Space Co., Ltd. to share their views.

SURREAL Co., Ltd. is committed to promoting the creative applications and industrial integration of VR and AR. CEO Andy Peng said that the online platform can be integrated to flip education and make books real through XR technology, which is also an important application range of metaverse. The latest SurrealM is a remote learning platform developed by metaverse in the education field.Through teachers and students playing the role of creating their own digital twin, teaching and group discussions can go on in the virtual world, breaking the traditional school walls, and using AI learning feedback. In the future, coupled with the application of blockchain decentralization and other technologies, meta-school will gradually emerge and enter the truly decentralized virtual education world!

Professor Hsin-Chien Huang, a new media artist, shared how the combination of metaverse and art, led the audience to a feast of metaverse art across space and imagination. Metaverse is not only has great advantages in entertainment and social interaction, including professional work, creation, belief and others, but also the social and cultural will be developed faster, and it will also have a positive impact on national development. Professor Hsin-Chien Huang said that we are now gradually entering a world of digital twin and integration of virtual and reality under the concept of digital twin. As Taiwan enters the metaverse, we should first think about what our life style is? What is the value of Taiwan compared to other countries' cultural industries? This is a question worthy of our deep consideration.

Known as "VR Godmother" is also the general manager of Digi Space Co., Ltd., Cori Shieh is an important promoter of Taiwan's XR industry. She said that the Z generation (born from 1995 to 2009), also known as the digital natives, is no stranger to the current digital technology. From the recent hot news, there are examples of young people earning 5 million Taiwan dollars through paintings, many young people in Korea are keen on buying land in the virtual world, and young people in Southeast Asia are earning money by playing games (Play to earn) in NFT. Earn money by creating and selling, buying land, and playing games. What’s interesting is that you don’t have to have a VR device to enter the metaverse. You can also participate through a tablet phone, which is completely different from traditional thinking. General manager Cori Shieh in response to the development of metaverse, virtual workspaces, metaverse/NFT games, music/cultural/religious celebrations and others. are likely to become popular applications in the next three years, and in the next five years, there are also opportunities to promote emerging careers related to NFT, virtual worlds and metaverse, such as NFT social marketers, NFT financial managers, virtual space designers, tour guides, metaverse lawyers, consultants/ counselors and others. It is also worth exploring whether virtual finance can become a new way of trading or investing in the metaverse in the future.

Michael Chang, Founder & Managing Director of BIG WHEEL SEEDBANK, right top, Joerg Roskowetz, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Head of Blockchain Technology BU, right middle, Kevin Joyce, Global Partner of Psychic VR Lab Co., Ltd., right below, James Lee, Founder & CEO of J-reach Co., Ltd. (Moment X Metaverse), first right, and panel host Ju-Chun Ko Ph.D., Assistant Professor of National Taipei University of Technology, Depa