iiiNNO Japan Day-Japan Startup Hub Mixer and Startup Pitch

2021-11-05 |
iiiNNO Japan Day-Japan Startup Hub Mixer and Startup Pitch

iiiNNO Japan-Taiwan Startup Hub Mixer showcases the program and resource of startup hub in Tokyo City, Fukuoka City and Okinawa City. The event consists of panel discussion on how to best enter to Japan market and presents upraising startup from both Japan and Taiwan.

Event Audience
-Startup Companies interested to access Japan market within 6 months or already is in Japan
-Entrepreneurs interested in learning about Japan startup resource from gov Startup Hub

Event Speaker & Pitch Judges
-Startup Hub from 3 mayor startup cities in Japan: Shibuya City from Tokyo Metropolitan / Fukuoka City / Okinawa City
-Green Funding

Event Location  
-If you are outside of Taipei: Online
- If you are in Taipei: iiiNNO @ Terminal C (iiiNNO coworking space)

How to officially register
-first sign-up the form
-second: online meeting link will be sent day before the event on 11/10  

Event Fee: Free  

Event Language: English

Startup Team Pitch Sign-up & Selection* For all the startup company wishing to pitch at the event (currently will have 4 available spot), please kindly include your pitch deck on the sign-up form * If you are part of iiiNNO Japan Day community collaborator, your application will be short-list* The final pitch candidate will be announced on Tuesday night 2021/11/09 at 11:00PM

Social Media & Sign-Up
* Event Sign-Up: https://forms.gle/9xHipk1xbsUDUGFSA
* Line Community Group: [iiiNNO Japan Day]