2021 Asia Pacific Social Innovation Summit

2021-03-25 |
2021 Asia Pacific Social Innovation Summit

Social innovation is a dynamic process to tackle social problems through innovative solutions. It is to apply new technology and disruptive business models to catalyze change in society. Among them, social enterprise, which emphasizes the triple bottom line (people, planet and profit), is developing rapidly in Asia-Pacific region. In recent years, Taiwan has also attracted great attention from the international community because of the diversity of social enterprises. That has created a significant impact on the Asia-Pacific region and global society.

The year 2020 was a tough year for many. However, Taiwan aims to create a vibrant social innovation ecosystem to connect social entrepreneurs in the Asia-Pacific region through hosting the summit. As to support the social innovation startups and share our experience of tackling the global crisis through social innovation, we’ve invited stakeholders from Asia Pacific to reimagine the future development for the next ten years.

The coming year will be even crucial for social innovation, so we hope that 2021 Asia Pacific Social Innovation Summit will expand its impact through supporting social innovation startups on investing and developing the new social economy. To look forward to new opportunities in the market and incubating more young talents to take part in social innovation.

Event Location|New Taipei City Council Multi-Purpose Auditorium & Hilton Taipei Sinban
Event Date|10th April to 11th April 2021
2021 APSIS Official Website|https://apsis.tw
2021 APSIS Facebook|https://www.facebook.com/apsis.tw