National Development Council issue over 2000 Taiwan Gold Card to attracting foreign talent

2021-02-17 |
National Development Council issue over 2000 Taiwan Gold Card to attracting foreign talent

Today marks the milestone for issuing over 2000 Taiwan Employment Gold Card to international talents. Minister of National Development Council(NDC) Ming-Hsin Kung, especially emphasizing that the government will speed up the issuance of Employment Gold Cards, to reinforce Taiwan’s competitiveness among the globe.

For celebrating the issuance of the 2000th Employment Gold Card, the NDC held a celebratory event today and invited more than 40 exceptional guests including Ms. Dannielle Andrews, Economic Chief of American Institute in Taiwan, Mr. Leo Seewald, President of AmCham Taipei, Mr. Freddie Hoeglund, Chief Executive Officer of European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan as well as outstanding Employment Gold Card holders.

In today's event, NDC Minister Ming-Hsin Kung presented the 1,998th, 1,999th, and 2,000th Employment Gold Cards to brightly talented recipients. The three card recipients at today's presentation are all outstandingly talented individuals who are prime targets of competitive international recruitment. In addition to their excellent backgrounds, they all possess the special expertise needed for Taiwan's industrial upgrading. Mr. Calvin Chang has a wealth of expertise as a futures trader with the Singapore Branch of Germany's Commerzbank; Ms. Jennifer Chang has held a senior leadership position in eBay; and Mr. George Ng is a successful program host, actor, and writer.

Photograph : National Development Council

Taiwanese government launched the Taiwan Employment Gold Card program to appeal to global professional talents. The Gold Card is a program that combines visa, work permit, and residency. People who get accepted will have the right to stay and work in Taiwan for one to three years. Taiwanese government will also allow candidates to bring their families as well as grant visitor rights for parents and grandparents.

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Taiwan took action to combat the Covid-19 earlier than most countries and is now reaping the rewards. Taiwan is one of the few places in the world that there is no particular lock-down policy and people can work in-person safely. International media recognizes Taiwan's Covid-19 response. Bloomberg has ranked Taiwan as No. 2 for the best place to be in the Covid-19 era, and Times Magazine also mention Taiwan as having the best global response to the Covid-19 pandemics.

These two reasons combined, the safest place in the world and the Employment Gold Card, Taiwan has gained huge success in recruiting international experts last year. "In the middle of last year, the NDC issued 800 Gold Card. Now it is top 2000," said Ming-Hsin Kung. It is apparent global talents are paying more attention to Taiwan now.

Startup Island Taiwan

For letting the world feel the vibration of Taiwan's startup community, NDC teamed up with hundreds of local venture capitals, startup accelerators, and launched the national startup brand of Taiwan - Startup Island TAIWAN.

Startup Island Taiwan.jpeg
Photograph : National Development Council

In fact, Taiwan has been ranked as a "super innovator" with Germany, Switzerland, and the US in the latest Global Competitiveness Report, says Mei-Ling Chen, former NDC minister. According to 2019 Global Entrepreneurship Monitorreport, the country stands as one of the best environments to start a company among fifty economies.

Startup Island TAIWAN will play a role for the startup community to keep broadcasting the world the ambition and capabilities of Taiwan startup companies and keep seeking international cooperation opportunities.

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