Global Entrepreneurship Week to further strengthen Taiwan’s entrepreneurial ecosystem

2020-11-22 | GEW
Global Entrepreneurship Week to further strengthen Taiwan’s entrepreneurial ecosystem

Initiated by the Kauffman Foundation, the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) will be held as scheduled from November 16 to November 22, 2020. The GEW is a collection of tens of thousands of events, activities, and competitions that inspire millions of people to explore their entrepreneurial potential while cultivating connections and strengthening collaboration. Since its launch in 2008, the GEW has expanded to more than 180 countries, with over 20,000 partner organizations and over 40,000 events. These partners serve as the foundation for community-building endeavors under the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN).

Since Taiwan first took part in the GEW in 2010, government agencies and private sectors have hosted more than 400 innovative-entrepreneurial events. This year, Taiwan is hosting more than 50 events supported by the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration (SMEA), Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), and called up by the National Innovation Entrepreneurship Association (NiEA).

Taiwan government taking the lead in boosting entrepreneurship 
To create a friendlier entrepreneurial environment in Taiwan, government agencies have invested significant resources in the GEW and organized numerous events.

Nov.18 APEC Women-Led Start-Up Accelerator Forum 
This APEC event is hosted by the SMEA and organized in collaboration with the Sun Yat-Sen Management Education Foundation and Taiwan Institute of Economic Research. It aims to increase women’s participation in entrepreneurship and strengthen competitiveness of women-led startups by providing female entrepreneurs with training and mentorships and showcasing Taiwanese women-led startups on the global stage.

Nov.18-21 G Camp Pavilion
Under the guidance of the SMEA, G Camp Pavilion is organized by the Institute for Information Industry in coordination with the Business Next Media Corporation to provide a favorable environment for Taiwanese startups. The G Camp Pavilion is a cradle for promising and sustainable Taiwanese startups and brands. During the GEW, the results of G Camp Pavilion will be showcased in order to attract resources and collaboration partners while also creating the publicity that startups need.

Nov.19-202020 SME Leadership and Business Succession Summit -Creating a Shared Future with Corporate Sustainability
Hosted by the SMEA and organized by the NiEA, this summit focuses on enterprises’ sustainability by exploring sustainable development issues, examining corporate management practices, and identifying key factors for sustainable competitiveness. Renowned speakers and industry leaders will take part to analyze current and future industry trends and discuss how government and enterprises can collaborate to reform and strengthen small and medium-sized enterprises and help them take advantage of new business opportunities.

Nov.19Entrepreneurship Know-hows: Investment Agreement and Planning 
This project, co-hosted by the SMEA and Taiwan Start-up Hub, seeks to ensure that entrepreneurs are well informed when starting a business by providing a complete and diverse series of courses on useful resources, business thinking, marketing, intellectual property and financial laws, accounting and taxation, corporate management, and other topics. Well-known consultants and business leaders from relevant sectors serve as speakers and help participating startups grow and thrive.

Private sectors participation in innovative entrepreneurship 
To connect with global trends in entrepreneurship, Taiwanese private sectors are also actively participating in the GEW. The following are key events organized by private sectors.

Nov.17Forum on accelerating 5G and IoT cooperation
This forum, hosted and organized by Asia Pacific Telecom, seeks to promote applications of Asia-Pacific Telecom’s 5G accelerators in the 5G and IoT industries. Asia-Pacific Telecom has arranged discussions with upstream and downstream IoT companies to share insights on promising accelerator startups.

Nov.19GEN Taiwan Startup Huddle 
This monthly event is hosted and organized by the GEW’s parent organization—GEN Taiwan—and provides a unique platform to allow local entrepreneurs to meet, gain inspiration, and crowdsource solutions. GEN Taiwan invites partners that are willing to assist startups to participate. The purpose is to help new entrepreneurs quickly assess business models and find customers and partners.

Nov.20Xfail: Losers’ Gathering; Learn from Failures the Way to Success 
Tobias Enterprise Social Media Office is hosting this gathering, inviting three to four speakers to share a short stories of failure using 10 slideshows. By sharing failures, people can learn what pitfalls to avoid when starting a business.

Nov.21GO FIT: Yilan Youth Entrepreneurship Accelerator DEMO DAY
Hosted by Gold Fish Space, this project aims to strengthen the development of local innovative industries for young people and help young creative teams to co-create service proposals and establish industry chains.

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