Access to Taiwan - A2T Program 2020

2020-12-31 | Startup Program
Access to Taiwan - A2T Program 2020

A2T Program is a market access sprint program specifically designed for non-Taiwanese Tech startups to engage the Taiwan startup ecosystem. The program is a great opportunity for overseas startups to access Taiwan’s manufacturing, R&D and traditional high tech industries as well as our deep tech talent pool. A2T Program is connected with several Taiwan accelerators, which has a strong network of corporates, investors, venture builders and the top minds of different industries to help you establish a presence in Asia. 

How to Apply 
Online Application:

Program Structure
I:Evaluation & Mentorship 
● Online application, followed by IAPS evaluation to understand the startups’ needs and opportunities
● Online meeting to discuss business plan
● Set up milestones and A2T program package
● Virtual mentoring sessions
● Ongoing support and follow up

II:Local Ecosystem Matchmaking 
● Arrange meetings with potential partners and clients in Taiwan
● Provide related landing services such as incorporation consulting, short term office space access, etc. III: Marketing & Expos
● Arrange to exhibit at startup expos in Taiwan
● Arrange pitch opportunities according to startups’ fundraising needs  

What We’re Looking For
📌 Non-Taiwanese Tech Startups
📌 Asia Market Ready
📌 Targeting Taiwan’s Manufacturing, R&D and hardware-software integration expertise

What You Get 
● Angel Investor
● Joined Investment: Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, India
● Investor Matchmaking

● 1-on-1 Consultancy
● Diverse Expertise & Background
● Legal, Accounting, Marketing, Strategies

● Startup Terrace (Linkou, New Taipei City)
● Taiwan Tech Arena (Downtown Taipei)

● Office Access
● Exposure at Startup Exhibitions (InnoVEX & Meet Taipei)
● Company Registration Subsidies

● Customized Sprint
● Business Development

● Ongoing Support
● Alumni Network

Any Question? Don’t Hesitate to Reach Out!
🏢 Taipei Office:3F, No.2, Sec.4, Nanjing E. Road Songshan District, Taipei, Taiwan
☎ 02-2570-0202 #321

🏢 Hsinchu Office:4F-1, No. 5, Hsin Ann Road, East District, Hsinchu City, Taiwan
☎ 03-623-0168