Guests from APEC Member Economy, ASEAN, StartOpps attended the event celebrating the glorious moment with us. The winners from the successive Women Entrepreneurship Award also gathered to witness this touching time.

The awarded women entrepreneurs all put their heart and soul into starting their own business, they will keep sticking to their original intention. With persistence and perseverance, wish all women entrepreneurs can keep blooming in multiple fields!

The Lists of Award Winners:

  • The Innovation Award In The Startup Group
  • Hsiao-Wan Lin, the CEO of Pure Milk Co., Ltd.
  • Hsiang-Kai Lu, the Founder of Lexin Co., Ltd.
  • The Technology Award In The Startup Group
  • Ting-Ting Tseng, the Founder of NewGreen Tech Co., Ltd.
  • Man-Mei Huang, the General Manager of Ning Siang Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Leslie R. Tenn, the Chairperson of HCT Regnerative Co., Ltd.
  • The Successor Award In The Elite Group
  • Chieh-Ying Huang,the Vice President of Golden-Flower Tea Oil Production Co., Ltd.The Advanced Management Awrd In The Elite Group
  • Pei-Ni Lin, the CEO of HWC Roasters Food & Beverage Co., Ltd.
  • Jean Yang, theFounder & CEO of Huijia Health Life Technology Co., Ltd.
  • An-Li Liu, the Founder of Glory Star Co., Ltd.
  • Ming-Chu Tan, the President of LinkCom Manufacturing Co., Ltd.