1) Parties interested in submitting their proposals for the Smart Transportation of Program to Demonstrate the Startup Terrace should submit their applications as well as proposals from now till April 30, 2018.
Please contact the Startup Terrace Project Office for more information
[English Service] Tel:+ 886-3-5914793, E-mail:hueiru@itri.org.tw
[Chinese Service] Tel:+ 886-3-5919399, E-mail:loangel@itri.org.tw

2) We will held “2018 Smart Transportation Service Era International Forum” at meeting rooms no. 501 & 502 in Nangang Exhibition Hall from 9am on March 29, 2018. More related call for proposal details will be provided during the forum, which you are encouraged to participate.

3) For related application information, please visit our websites:
[English] https://www.moeasmea.gov.tw/mp.asp?mp=2


[Chinese] https://www.moeasmea.gov.tw/