Technology Industry Category, SuperC-Touch Corporation.

Industry leader in capacitive sensing solutions; Unparalleled technology in the world – “Perturbation Resonance”

SuperC Touch was founded in August 2012.The number of granted patents up to present has been over 200. SuperC Touch has been engaged in the innovations and inventions of capacitive sensing technology. With “Perturbation Resonance” as its core technology, SuperC Touch provides the clients with the total solutions in In-cell Touch, Fingerprint Sensing and 3D Touch applications.

In a circuit experiment, we unexpectedly discover a method that enables to magnify capacitive sensing signals but keep the noise unchanged. By way of this method, the ratio of signal over noise (S/N ratio) can be significantly increased. With continuous research of this technology, it now can be used to overcome ambient noise in capacitive sensing, increase the signal penetration thickness of cover in fingerprint sensing, and significantly increase the height of hovering in self-capacitive touch. SuperC Touch gives this technology a name and trademark “Perturbation Resonance”.

Breakthrough in three major applications- In-cell Touch, Fingerprint Sensing and 3D Touch applications

SuperC Touch’s spirit is never to stop making a breakthrough beyond the limit of current technologies, and proposing revolutionary technology product. In fingerprint sensing, SuperC Touch first in the world successfully developed off-chip type capacitive fingerprint sensing technology, which has the advantages of low cost, flexible, thin and high security. Such advantages bring new application and market – Biometric ID/Credit card. In In-Cell Touch for next generation displays, SuperC Touch has total solutions dealing with the issues of large background capacitance, noise, high resistance in large size panels, and resolution downgrade in in-cell touch. In 3D Touch, SuperC Touch has developed 2-in-1 3D Touch technology, integrating touch and 3D touch.

Creating New Market; Strong Pr otection of Intellectual Property

All SuperC Touch technologies have one thing in common- enhancing the product functionalities as well as lowering the cost. That makes it enable to replace the current product in the market and create new market as well. In addition, SuperC Touch has a strong and complete patent portfolio in each developed technology. The number of granted patents in different countries has been over 200 up to present, and we still remain 3 to 4 new patents filed each month in average. SuperC Touch will help the supply chain create huge profit and give our clients a secure protection of intellectual properties.

Original :2017 Business Startup Award