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Our Mission: The Endeavor for Harmonious Oncology through Perpetual Innovation.

Johnpro Biotech Inc. was established in Taiwan in 2014, to focus on research and develop of oncology medicine. Much of the biopharma establishment has neglected to fully understand the mechanisms at work in the disease of cancer. Aiming to bridge these gaps, Johnpro uses a multi-modality approach to treating cancer. Founded by an oncology doctor with 30+ years of clinical experience with a group of dedicated researchers, our team has used an understanding of the disease and the patient, to develop breakthroughs in drugs and cell therapy. We have a core belief that better patient care and cures can be unlocked through boundless learning and persistent innovation.

By means of vigilant clinical observation, keenness to patient needs, and the discernment of feedback, Johnpro is developing methods that can be applied to future oncology therapy, without ignoring the needs of patients facing cancer today. Research into biochemistry and immunology has been the basis of the major developmental directions of the company: drug repurposing through the 505(b)(2) initiative, and cell therapy. For our efforts, we have been granted national awards and international patents for pioneering technology.

As we strive for the Cure, we have built a R&D team with roots in clinical practice.

These collective experiences have allowed us to develop proprietary in-house  technologies and methods while adhering to time and budget controls. Developed  via applied medicine, each innovation is the result of consideration for the patient, patient-family, and practitioner. Physical tolerance, lifestyle maintenance, clinical application, and financial feasibility are taken into account through every step of development. Our philosophy is that the equation for oncology development, in the end, must equate to patient benefit.

Science in Mind, Humanity at Heart.

Johnpro utilizes repurposed drugs to control the tumor microenvironment and cell-metabolism in developing new drug applications. Experiences in clinical patientcare has allowed us to reverse-engineer the approach and processes to cancer therapy. With a global perspective on drug development, our platforms enable us to collaborate our research with the international biopharmaceutical establishment, realizing returns on a global scale.

Led by our founder, our R&D team has the capability of endogenous innovation, resulting in proprietary patents. Comprehensive experience in applied clinical oncology has allowed us to have a multi-modality outlook on oncology therapy. By engaging in cross-field experimentations in molecular biology, cellular biology, and in vivo application, the synergies of our technologies have created breakthrough advances on an expedited pathway to drug approval.

Our endeavors always revolve around the goal of patient well-being. From our experiences with successful and failed patient therapies, we continue to innovate the best treatment for the individual patient. For clinical practitioners, realizable drug approval according to allotted timeframe is the most practical reality. The course of traditional drug development often takes a decade or more, leaving behind the patients facing cancer today. Johnpro’s approach is to take a bottomsup approach, using patient-monitoring from clinical experiences to gain efficiencies that enable accelerated development.

For patients and oncology researchers, the innovation of effective and cost-appropriate therapies that can be realized by all patients, without exacerbating burdens of patients’ families and healthcare systems is the way forward. This is the raison d’être for Johnpro, and the aims of our collective endeavor.

Company Vision : Science, Humanity, Pragmatism

Our company’s core motto is “Science in Mind, Humanity at Heart.”
-Through science, will we find the path to the Cure.
-Through pragmatism, can we care for the patient.
The financial means to reach these goals must be built on efficient synergies, not extravagant squanders. By remaining steadfast to our core philosophies, we believe we are on the path to achieving optimal patient-care.

Original :2017 Business Startup Award