Why Taiwan ?

For decades, Taiwan has been a hotspot for hardware development and production, and this history of technology innovation has positioned the island to become the launch site for a number of new and exciting startups. Taiwan is also the home market for many leading international corporations – Giant is the world leader in bicycle production, and computer and hardware developers ACER, Asus, Foxconn, and TSMC, as well as mobile phone giant HTC all call Taiwan their home market.

Taiwan finds itself in the fastest growing and most important international neighborhood on the planet with Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore and many more of the world’s largest and fastest growing markets just a short flight away.

Taiwan is home to many public and private startup incubators and accelerators like AppWorks and Garage+ where entrepreneurial-minded individuals can turn for funding and mentoring. There is also a very active foreign business community that can further assist International entrepreneurs and SMEs to get started in Taiwan. It’s no wonder so many startups, both homegrown and international, are finding fertile ground to grow from Taipei to Kaohsiung.

Ranked #1 country in Asia for Global Entrepreneurship in 2015 by GEDI (http://thegedi.org)

2nd lowest corporate tax rate in Asia, 17% corporate income tax and 5% sales tax

Major role in World’s supply chain for the Tech Industry: 75% of PCs, 50% of LCDs, 25% of Semiconductors, 20% of Smartphones are made in Taiwan

Excellent IP protection and regulatory environment

Multi-year Entrepreneur visas available for founders of innovative companies

Affordable cost of living. Stretch your startup runway by living great on less.

World #2 in “Top 10 World Safest Countries in the World to Settle”. Also, unlike many other startup-friendly cities around the world, Taiwan has many great apartments available

Centrally located: Asia’s major cities are just a few hours flight away

International Entrepreneurs in Taiwan