2020 US-Taiwan Cybersecurity Forum

2020-06-23 |
2020 US-Taiwan Cybersecurity Forum

Contemporary cybersecurity threats we face are challenging and intricating. How to formulate security strategies and implement security management for enterprises requires the assistance of professional cybersecurity vendors.

Given this, the 2020 US-Taiwan Cybersecurity Forum is co-sponsored by the Commercial Section, AIT, Department of International Cooperation, MOEA Science & Technology Law Institute, III, and NetMagazine. Inviting three experts from the medical, financial and white-hat hacker to give us a brilliant speech, gathering experts from several security leaders to bring us the most advanced security management strategies. Interested? Sign up now!

Time: July, 17, 2020 (Fri) 8:15-16:30

Venue: Conference Room 201, International Conference Center, National Taiwan University Hospital (No. 2, Xuzhou Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City)

More details: https://event.netmag.tw/202007ait/

Contact number: 02-29435517 #66 event group

Registration ➡ https://event.netmag.tw/202007ait/#reg