What Taiwanese government and citizens of Taiwan do to fight against COVID-19?
2020-03-22 |

What Taiwanese government and citizens of Taiwan do to fight against COVID-19?

1. Make face masks available online
You can do online purchases by inserting your National Health Insurance (NHI) card or Citizen Digital Certificate card into a card-reader linked to the computer with Internet access so that the pre-ordered masks can be sent to a nearby convenience store after you pay online. Download the National Health Insurance app and insert your NHI number can work as well. This new mechanism can be helpful for office workers and students who lack the time to go to pharmacies and public health centers.

2. Quarantine Package
The CECC also announced that starting from March 19, inbound travelers will be subject to a 14-day period of home quarantine after entering Taiwan. Each city offers different “quarantine package” for their citizens who are under home quarantine to take care of their stomach and mind. Everyone will get 14 face masks from the package. You may get household bleach water, instant noodles, seeds for you to grow and gain patience or a free account which you can watch TV series and movies during these 14 days.

3. Cut Your Hair Short!
One of our colleagues always wash hands and change her clothes the moment she arrives home. She won’t sit on her sofa or lie in her bed before washing her hair. To get rid of viruses and protect the health of her mother who lives with her, she cut her hair short so that she can wash it quickly and efficiently.

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