FAQ: Taiwan’s 14-day quarantine requirements

2020-03-18 | COVID19
FAQ: Taiwan’s 14-day quarantine requirements

Since last month, Taiwan requires all arrivals who have traveled to certain countries and territories affected by the COVID-19 pandemic to undergo 14-day home quarantine. This article provides answers to some frequently asked questions according to the latest information released by the Centers for Disease Control under the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Which countries and territories are classified as affected areas that will require me to undergo 14-day home quarantine?
All foreign nationals are forbidden from entering Taiwan starting March 19, with exceptions for those who hold Alien Resident Certificates or documents proving they are on urgent diplomatic, business or other special missions. All entrants are now required to undertake 14-day home quarantine, regardless of nationality.

How is 14 days prior to arrival defined?
If a passenger arrives in Taiwan on April 15, the 14 days prior to arrival will be April 1-14.

Must I undergo quarantine if I have a passport from a listed country but have not been there in the past 14 days?
Arrivals are only subject to quarantine if they have been in a country or territory under a level three travel advisory in the past 14 days, including airport transfers through China, Hong Kong, Macao and Dubai.

Can I shorten the quarantine period if I spend time in a third country before arriving in Taiwan?
No. The quarantine will be enforced for all those who have visited a specified country or territory in the past 14 days, including airport transfers through China, Hong Kong, Macao and Dubai.

When does the quarantine process start?
Immediately upon landing at the airport. Arrivals will be given a health declaration and home quarantine notification form before passing through immigration, which they must complete and sign. This form can be filled in electronically to save time.

Where does quarantine take place?
Quarantine takes place at your home or at your planned place of stay in Taiwan. As of March 17, foreign nationals can rent a room in a public quarantine center. Please call 1922 (toll free) for more details.

How to travel to your place of quarantine?
Arrivals subject to quarantine must not take public transport. If you do not have a private vehicle, regularly disinfected taxis with drivers wearing protective gloves and surgical masks are available at all Taiwan airports. All passengers must wear a surgical mask during transport.

What must I do during quarantine?
Stay in your accommodation. Do not go outside or leave the country. Keep daily records of your body temperature and any symptoms as listed in the health declaration and home quarantine notice.

What should I do if symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 (fever, cough, breathing difficulty, headache and fatigue) occur during quarantine?
If you experience any of these symptoms, wear a surgical mask and call 1922 to obtain instructions on seeking medical attention. Telemedicine services are also available for those in quarantine.

Are there any mental health support services I can access during quarantine?
A toll-free hotline 1925 can provide counseling services for those in quarantine.

Can I leave my accommodation to buy food or other items?
Leaving your accommodation is strictly prohibited until the end date indicated on the quarantine form.

If I agree to leave Taiwan can I leave quarantine early?
Leaving Taiwan before the end of the quarantine period is strictly prohibited.

Will anyone check on me? What happens if I break the rules?
You will be checked on once or twice a day by officials in charge of quarantine. Leaving your accommodation will result in a fine of up to NT$1,000,000 (US$33,063).

Must I be alone in my accommodation during quarantine?
Quarantine is a precautionary measure for people who do not have symptoms, but there is no need to avoid contact with others staying with you if you are feeling well. But you should maintain a social distance of at least one meter and observe strict hand hygiene. Other measures include keeping your accommodation clean and well-ventilated, sticking to a designated quarantine room, disinfecting the kitchen, bathroom and door handles daily, as well as avoiding sharing towels.

Is home quarantine the same as 14-day self-health management?
Arrivals who have visited a country or territory subject to a level one or level two travel advisory are asked to conduct 14-day self-health management. This involves taking your temperature daily, wearing a surgical mask in public, avoiding crowded places and watching for symptoms. Unlike quarantine, self-health management does not require people to stay in their accommodation. (YCH-E) (Translated from Taiwan Info: Quarantaine à l’arrivée à Taiwan: les réponses à vos questions by Pierre-Yves Baubry) 

〔Original : Ministry of Foreign Affairs 〕